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Our Services

We can provide fully trained and qualified security personnel to accomodate your security needs. Our staff will protect your property, staff and visitors. DU Security Services provides security services aimed at protecting homes, workplaces and society. The main service offerings are specialised guarding, mobile services and monitoring. As well as offering a "one-stop-shop" for all your security solutions, other services range from mobile patrols, access control, fire prevention, receptionist, monitoring and call-out services.

Static Security Guarding
Static Guards are used by companies for front line security of your property or you use our manned uniformed guards to deter theft and criminal activity by regularly patrolling your property on your requirements. Security Guard Providers will provide you with a fully licenced ad highly trained. All of our operatives are dispatched to your site dependant on your requirements. Security Guard Providers 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year, also offering complimentary management visits to ensure your premises are protected to the highest level. All of our employees are required to undertake our own training programme given.

Armed Guard
Our Armed Officers are available 24 hours a day to handle protection against theft, vandalism, arson, trespassing, work place violence, employee terminations, office facility security, construction site security, event security, and much more. This service is for environments with stronger safety concerns and regulations. All of our armed guards employed for this service are either retired or off-duty police officers. The hired security guards are armed and in uniform (or coat and tie at your request). Pricing is based on the environment and the security needs.

Mobile Security Patrols
Have adjacent buildings been recently broken into or faced criminal damage? Are you looking for dedicated security service to patrol properties such as business parks, industrial estates, abandoned warehouses and buildings, DUSSSB can provide patrols units to your building as per requirements to make sure your property is secure and as left when you left, With every patrols our officer carrying out the patrol duty will log events and findings from each individual patrol. Any security issues occurring overnight will dealt with in a professional manner.

Event & Exhibition Security Services
Our security events team provides nationwide crowd management and stewarding teams to many different environments (Festivals, Sporting Events, Local Authority & Public, Media & Televised Awards, Exhibitions. Private Functions, Crowd Management, Corporate Events) and our events customers are a who’s who of all industries.

5) Shopping Center / Mall Security
6) Surveillance Escorts

VIP / Executive Protection
VIP/Executive Protection is a service present to clients who need the highest and most professional level of personal security possible. Our executive protection staff will work specifically with the client to protect every facet of his or her life (including those closest to them). All executive protection and bodyguards are current or retired(in good standing) police officers with the highest training. We offer to meet the highest expectations, because for this type of service we only have the highest expectations for ourselves. A representative from our staff will be able to arrange everything to the smallest detail in order to serve you at your request.

8) Security Consultancy
9) Crime Prevention in residential area, emphasizing on trespass control and general safety of residents and properties.

About Us

D U SECURITY SERVICES SDN BHD was established in 1996, licensed to provide both security services and private investigative services. Typical responsibilities include Static Security Guarding, Armed Guard, Mobile Security Patrols, Event Exhibition Services, Shopping Center / Mall Security, Surveillance Escorts, VIP / Executive Protection, Security Consultancy, and Crime Prevention in residential areas, with emphasis on trespass control and the general safety of people and property.

D U Security also serves commercial customers engaged in property development, shopping center operation, office building management, medical services, and logistics. D U Security is a local security services company based in Kuala Lumpur with a security force of 300 personnel. D U Security is fully licensed and insured. Professional training is provided by our in-house qualified trainer and PPKKM.

We maintain close working relationship with all district, city, and state law enforcement authority (PDRM) to improve the level of service provided to our clients. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to your esteemed company and would like to assure you that our rates for security services are very competitive and reasonable.